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leave behind your misery

Things are getting better.
The sun's out. The snow's melting. And the birds are making their stupid noises in the morning and waking me up way earlier than I should be Dx

School hasn't been bad.
.... In fact, I don't really have any complaints right now. But that just might be because I haven't been in psychology for the last couple days ;D.

Finished the housing and financial aid stuff for the SAIC next year.
Even moreso than usual- we're writing graduation speeches in english. They're getting me all inspired and crap to go out and do good things with my life.
lol yah right.
I just want to get out.

By the way-
If anyone is currently experiencing any kind of skin ailment- whether it be acne or dryness or wrinkling or cracking- I urge you to try Emu Oil. Mom came home the other night with a big bottle of it and told me to try it and so I did aaaaand it's actually really nice. Even after just a couple times. If you do a search on google of "emu oil" you get a couple sites listing the benefits of it and what kind of things it could help. It's pretty great :D
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