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I am the problem they can't fix

Stuff has just been sorta... yucky lately.

I'm not doing so hot in most of my classes. Call it "senior-itis" or whatever you want, I've just lost motivation in so many areas to do the work and get through these last couple months.
I've been completely lost when it comes to what we're doing in Psych.
All of a sudden I'm not so sure about Calculus, which had been the class that I didn't really have to worry so much about before.
In Bio we've moved on to photosynthesis after not doing so well on the cellular respiration unit.
We're writing graduation speaches in English- which is actually not so bad- but I just don't really want to do the writing for it.
And I'm not putting any more effort than necessary towards Consumer Economics.

At least I have the art studio to escape to.

Started (and finished a couple) to try studying a style similar to Wesley Burt. I've brought the camera with me to school every day lately but I just haven't gotten around to getting pictures of anything. I'm actually really liking them.
Also got new oil paint brushes. So I'm painting again after taking a break for about a month.

and Senior Teach Day is coming up. I don't remember the date exactly but I'm teaching all of Mr. Bleck's classes. Since I'm debating whether I want to go into art education or art criticism, maybe this would be a good experience towards shaping that decision. That'll be a lot of fun, I think. Evan's teaching for Moran and Lizzee's got Motzko and Sarah's got Rigler- we're all gonna have a blast getting to follow around some of our favorite dudes.
The breakfast/meeting is tomorrow morning ( I get to miss EB :o ! ) and I get to miss a class to observe another on the 8th and then one of those days after I get to follow Bleck around all day.
Finally, something exciting amidst all the yuck that's been going around!

And tomorrow is my little sister's 16th birthday. Didn't get her anything or do anything for her. But we're going out tomorrow (after my Troubadour meeting) so I won't have much time to write my English speech and do the Psych notes for the test on friday...
So I'm doing it all tonight.

And I cleaned my room today for the first time in... months, probably.
I HAVE A FLOOR?!??!!!!!??!
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