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the crowds are catching on

(from left: Sylv, Alana, Me, Elena, Sarah)

Skidd's in the hospital.
She decided to get the membranous webby part under your tongue pierced. (What a goof.) That backfired and swelled a to the point where she was put on a fucking ventilator.
Sylvia and I visited her once the second day she was hooked up to the machine of DOOM. The fact she was heavily sedated and had giant tubes in her face made her pretty unexciting but I got a sketch down and that's gonna be scanned and posted (along with many other sketches. I've been in my sketchbook A LOT lately.) eventually.
Went again today- she's out of intensive care and off the machine and conscious and stuff. She'd doing a lot better.
I keep saying I'm going to go there to laugh at how ridiculous the situation is. But she's probably got it bad enough right now anyways.

I might be dropping AP Psych. Mom says that if I think about it more and if it's really what I want then I can go ahead and talk to my counselor to get that done.
the more I think about it though the more I think that I should maybe just stick with it these last couple months.
It's not that the stuff we're doing is too difficult. I just can't keep myself organized the way the class is run. I work best having a notebook (for... notes. duh) and like a folder or something for handouts and stuff. BUT our notes consist of multiple packets for every unit. My binder gets cluttered and I'm just not able to figure out what I'm supposed to be doing and which packet is for what and... gah. It's just such a pain.
But then I remember that taking the AP test in May would get me out of an intro to psych class in college which will save my family some big bucks. But even when AP tests do roll around, this one is probably going to be the one that I prepare least for. I'd rather do better and prepare for the classes that I've actually enjoyed- Calculus, Biology and.. Art xP. I test well anyways so I could probably pass the test whether I do any hardcore studying or not.
I dunno.
On one hand, having that free period that I lost to Consumer Ec. would be nice- but on the other, it's not as if it's going to be especially challenging to at least pass the class and AP test.

In other news~
what a crap week.

At least I have a four day weekend to look forward to.
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