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didn't have a life (but surely saved one)

Ears are occupied lately by Tool's 10,000 Days. Vicarious is my kinda song.
But songs like Wings For Marie put me in a funny mood.
Have a listen if you can, you won't be disappointed.

Finally got to order my new phone yesterday. For two months mom's said we could get new ones and now we finally did >O!
The new one's nothing special but it's way better than the piece of crap I have now. Should be here anytime starting tomorrow.

Five days before we go back to school.
I've still got stuff I've gotta do.
I've been neglecting my sketchbook. Still lacking lately in the inspiration department.

Got black dye. Gonna have to see if anyone wants to go to Hawthorn in the next few days so I can buy bleach. Gonna make blue stripes. It'll be fun.
Tags: winter break
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