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They call me SPITFIRE (cause you know that I can)

Spent the four-day weekend sleeping mostly.
Things are doing so swell in other aspects at the moment. I'm considering, once again, hibernating through spring.

The weather's turned around, by the way. While we here in the northern suburbs have been suffering below-freezing temperatures for the past week or two, it's suddenly turned around and we had a 50' day. (I have no clue what the weather was like over the weekend. I didn't leave the house. Maybe it warmed up over those past four days.)

Spent my afternoon reading bad poetry. Troubadour homework. Tomorrow after school is our first long meeting where we figure out which of the pieces we want in and which are going out and which need to be judged by the board of students who just feel like helping. I didn't pick up the last of the packets, though. So maybe I'll pick one up tomorrow during lunch and read it during 8th before the meeting.

Got back the mid-quarter grades in a couple classes. It's not being a second-semester senior that's keeping me down because I've always been pretty apathetic when it came to schoolwork, but all of a sudden it's just getting worse. Especially in psychology.
I know I should get better but... I really don't want to.

I'm so tired.
I feel like dancing.
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